Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Retro can just be old

Georgetown Liquor Company


Drawn by the glowing review of the new Georgetown Liquor Company from the Seattlepi, and the mention of refurbished Atari game systems, I managed to convince myself and others to venture down to Georgetown this weekend. We started off with something safe- dinner at SmartyPants- which is an easy fall back for good beer and great sandwiches. I don't recommend the salads- unless you are craving a bottle of thousand island dressing- but the pulled pork sandwiches themselves are worth the drive to south Seattle. Unfortunately, it was raining and we weren't able to enjoy the outside seating area, but we did manage a short walk around the block to peak into Georgetown Records and the painfully hip Christoff Gallery and Lounge.

After receiving no less than 4 calls from lost friends searching for Georgetown Liquor Co- we ourselves became lost. It wasn't our fault- the only pic on the website is of the old historical building which bears no resemblance to establishment today. For those planning on a trip to GLC- it is right next to Stellar Pizza (you think they could have included this on the website)

The place is definitely in the early stages of establishing itself - but you can see the potential. Plenty of seating, nice staff, and a handful of game systems in various stages of repair. Lucky for Graeme, Ms Pac Man was out of commission and he was saved from an ass-whipping- as it was, I got trounced at Donkey Kong. There are approx 100 games available, and for those who haven't played Atari in a while - lets just say that it was much cooler when you were 8. No-one in my party attempted a vegetarian dish from the menu- but many did go for the organic wheat beer and it received mixed reviews. In all, a good place to hang out for a couple of hours and worth the stop if you are in the neighborhood.
Georgetown Liquor Company in Seattle

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